Zona Maco 2019 – Arte Contemporaneo

Saturday, February 09, 2019

First of all, I do not intend for this to sound as me bragging, I’m just trying to provide context.

During the past year, I’ve been directing and producing my first feature film. The same I finished filming last month.

The reason I mention this is because the last two times I attended this exhibit, I did it with the intention of finding something in the art, for my film. But I never really considered what I was looking for, until I returned this time around, after completing filming.

And this happened while I examined one of the stands on this massive gallery, and I was asked by one of the people in charge of it a rather peculiar question:

 "Why do you come here?" 

It caught me a bit off-guard as I hadn't properly thought of it before... Or maybe I had but this was the first time I had to describe it. So after a small pause, I answered:

 "I come here, because of s sentiment, not of the place really, but of a piece of art in particular, the hard part is that I don't know what I'm looking for till after I've seen it. So I wonder though this gigantic place in search of that one work of art, that will spark the perfect emotion." 

She was surprised by the answer, and in a way so was I. For I realised that I attend that gallery to find inspiration, to find the proper sensation I would like not only to feel but to replicate. Art is not only about the aesthetic, but also (mainly for me) about what it stirs inside of you, what it makes you feel. 
So when I talk about replicating these works of art, I don't mean it in the literal sense, but in the way on which I intend to recreate what I felt when I saw them. In that manner that one emotion will bounce from art form to art form, remaining constant... If maybe somewhat different, not changing, but evolving into something more akin to an experience, as any grand sentiment should be.

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