Friday, October 12, 2018

During this Fashion Week, I came upon a strange conclusion... that I really like fashion and not only for the obvious reasons, I like it because it is art, every designer is a brilliant artist that knows how to portray life, love, history, and culture in the pieces that get paraded on every show... and that's why we truly enjoy fashion.

Also, I find it to be one of the most practical ways to communicate, you can observe it and come up with ideas that can influence your personal style and work. In filmmaking one of the first bits of advice I heard was that when you want to create a story, to make it easier you should base it off three other ones. I find this quite helpful in almost everything that requires creativity.
And in a way, I display my affection for fashion and style in creating, as Tom Ford a man that has bridged this two industries and thrived on both – a thing that turning him into my role model. He once said, when questioned about this.
You have to have a vision. You have to know, I want my collection or my film to look like this. Then you assemble a team. Then you lead them and push them and direct them into getting exactly what you want--whether it's working with a shoe factory to get the exact heel shape or with an actor editing a film. I have to know what I want. - Tom Ford.
I have a particular personal style, that pretty much sums up my personality, I find that being able to project this onto the things I wear – and also create –  is a brilliant way to introduce myself without having to say anything, being able to say who I am because of the jacket I wearing paired together with my smile (I love my smile, I don't know if it's attractive, but I like how you can say pretty much anything with the proper smile), now I kind of have developed a writing and visual style as I developed my personal style and personality... I know it is a strange persona, because, as I’ve also said before I don’t understand fully which is my actual personality, but I think I like being a little strange.
In both my person and my work.

Elle Mexico Diseña

Ary Villa

Guillermo Jester

Jesus de la Garza

Galo Bertin

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