Thursday, March 01, 2018

This is our new fashion film, a strange and rhythmic little tale about a guy and a girl sharing the same moment, but not quite the same space. 

A collaboration with the brilliant guy's at Miles & Louie, who's footwear takes a central focus on the film. The gorgeous Praga Café in Tijuana, and a beautiful Daniela Loera.

Do enjoy.

There's a guy sitting at a café, the kind of café one only sees in movies and hopes to find in real life. The kind of place perfect for any sort of story, whether it is a romantic endeavor... a thrilling spy flick, a dramatic conversation, or just a place to stay quiet and stretch a cup of coffee for as long or as little as you may need.

The guy sat there, alone, thinking whom he would like to meet.

There's a girl sitting at a café, the kind of place one would only find in old pictures of France during the café society era. The sort of café that fills you with longing for living in an era where this kind of place would be filled with the artists that would define a generation, just drinking coffee and wine, while they exchange ideas, thrive to impress each other, or just nod casually at one another as they each focus on writing down their particular ideals.

The girl sat there, alone, thinking whom she would like to meet.

The guy daydreamed of meeting a girl in love with the past, and with a beauty rivaled only by her creative might and brilliant mind.

The girl daydreamed of meeting a guy with a romantic view of the world, with a longing for emotion and sensations along with a mysterious nature of his own.

The guy and the girl, but sat there imagining the person they longed to meet, thinking of what they would do if they were to find them sitting in front of them. 

Funny enough, both of them thought that what they wanted to do, was to share a dance.

– Miles & Louie:
– Praga Café:
– Daniela Loera:

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