Monday, March 12, 2018

A couple of weeks ago I received a package from Tiege Hanley, which is arguably the most efficient skin care system for men. They deliver a kit consisting of:

Level 1
- A daily face wash.
- A bi-weekly face scrub.
- An Am and Pm Moisturizer.

Level 2
+ Anti-aging eye cream.

Level 3
+ Facial firming super serum.

They sent me the Level 3 kit, which includes all of their products – A thing that was actually amazing and rather exciting.

Now, besides the vast improvement, these products effects had on my face, my biggest excitement, came from the process of using them.

The first day I applied them I realized something from the get-go, my current routine was not dissimilar from that of Patrick Bateman's morning routine, so alas I got inspired by one of my all-around biggest influences on my style – both in clothing and filmmaking – to create this little homage to one of the more popular scenes on the movie American Psycho.

Courtesy of Tiege Hanley – Thank you for allowing me to relive this scene every morning.

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