Wednesday, February 14, 2018

This winter, me and my team had another collaboration with the brilliant brand Miles & Louie, in which we had the pleasure of working not only with them but also in the gorgeous café Praga, located in the heart of Tijuana – My hometown. 

But of them were kind enough to lend us their beautiful products – in the case of Miles & Louie – and their amazing location – referring to Praga – to create an awesome editorial and a particularly rhythmic fashion film, that showcases our amazing partners as well as the stage – and the literal stage – in which we created our little movie, which we'll be posting next week.

Please enjoy this editorial, as well as the little poem accompanying it – which has nothing to do with neither the pictures nor the film. 

"And the sky, with its blue lingering shades, that slowly darken as the night comes nigh.
The wind that gets colder and piercing and fast.
The feeling of touching a nothingness that touches you back.
The words you scream at the vast emptiness that answers you in return.
The tender and exciting waltzes you share with someone that is not there.
The kisses you give to the void in the dark, that almost feels like they’re kissing you back.
The struggles and fights that you have with the memories in your mind.
The soft sensation of falling in love with someone from your past.
The strangeness of being alone with the company of a shadow by your side.
The way we hum the melody to a song we’ll never remember.
The action of running after someone that you actually made up.
The interesting sensation of finding something new you love for the first time.

Beautiful emotions and sorrowful commotions, moments we treasure which we slowly forget… and the memories of lost thoughts that pass us by with a soft melancholy that slip like running water through our mind, with the feeling of loss that troubles us so, as they turn into dreams we’ll forget when we open our eyes and lay a moment lingering of something now unknown in the night."

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