Monday, March 19, 2018

If you've been paying attention to my waist the last two years – funny you've been doing that though — You've noticed that I usually wear only one type of belt, a sort of rocker one. Well that is pretty much over now that our partners in this post— and several more coming soon — Anson Belts, the most innovative belt system in the market right now, that are also very stylish and oh so cool!

Also the costumary melancholic poem...

It had been quite some time since I felt in this exact way. When I was younger than I am now – because I still am rather young, even though I sometimes forget it – I use to feel like this most of the time, now it is strange, for this feeling to envelop me, so I savor the instances on which I am filled by this strange little sentiment. 

It is quite complex really, it is neither joyful nor sad. It feels like the smell of a book you forgot you loved, like the taste of coffee on a cold winter morning, like listening to your favourite love song when your heart is broken, like looking at someone you love every day while being unable to talk to them, it is agonizing and tantalizing and oh so mesmerizing. 

It is your favourite dream, it is your fondest memory, it is those you miss the most and those whose love you've lost. It is the remembrance of the past and longing for the future. It is an emotion that reassures you of all you've lived but reminds you of what you've lost. 

It is beautiful in its own right, not perfect but beautiful nevertheless.

It is honest and sublime.

It is romantic and maybe a little tragic.

It can be painful at times, it can become addictive... it leaves you vulnerable in the best way possible but, it makes you feel every single moment you've ever gone through.

It is a time machine... 

Although one that can't get me back to you.

It is Melancholy.

– Anson Belts:

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