Wednesday, August 23, 2017

How do we become who we are? Or within that same line of thought, how do we become who we are meant to be?

Are we like the animals and just fall upon our proper path by pure instinct or is everything far more complicated?

I remember that in my youth (well, when I was younger) I used to want to be so many things, to be like so many people, to have so many versions of myself. But right now, I'm confused about who I want to be, and in a way of who I am. Sometimes I thing to myself that I'm a writer, because I can at times, translate my feelings onto words. Other times I see myself as an artist, because I can project the beautiful and the grotesque things in the world through the things I create. And as you can see, at moments I see myself as a role model, an influencer, someone who could inspire more people to be... Maybe, a little better.

When I was a kid I wanted to be (among so many things) a cowboy. They seemed so cool with their side arms, riding their horses and saving people from the bandits, being always so honourable... Always doing the right thing, even when it wasn't in their nature. 
Maybe I, in a way, still want to be a cowboy, walking (or maybe if I can get my hands on a bike, riding) through our modern landscape, riding through the concrete streets, with a pen instead of a side arm and thriving the be honourable in the face of those who are not, even if it isn't in my nature.

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