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Monday, August 14, 2017

What is our world like?

Is it ugly or is it beautiful, is it grand or depressing, is it chaotic or is it in order.
 There´s a big contrast to what people perceive of the world, to what we expect from it and to what we do about out it.

What I´ve decided about all of this is that, I don't believe it matters to know what our world actually is. I believe that what we have, we have, and we either can accept it or we can pout about it. In all honesty, I think we live in a world that is highly chaotic... and that´s not a bad thing, that´s just what it is. 
Chaos is just a pattern that things follow in which there is no pattern and where everything is highly unpredictable, but upon hearing this (or rather reading it) you have to consider that life is ultimately born out of chaos.There is no map or set of instructions for anything that´s going to come out of life, there´s only the living it, experiencing it, going through everything and expecting something interesting (Cause if you live expecting something good you might end up disappointed) because that´s all we should hope for, to make mistakes and to make more, and to have great stories to go through in our mind and then go out there and make some more. 

Because chaos is beautiful if somewhat rough around the edges.

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