Wednesday, August 30, 2017

 Who is the first person you remember being your friend? 

That's a hard one isn't?

Most people don't remember this kinds of things or try to manipulate the past as to say that their first friend is their best friend from grade school or from junior high or maybe even high school. For the answer is quite simple, mostly because I was very coy about having friends as a child so I never had many... Having said this, my first real friend came into my life when I was around ten months of age, and she was of course my little almost twin sister (I am fairly certain that she was in the womb with me, but I ate part of her and that's why she was born ten months later, and why I was such a fat baby).

What I mean is that I've never had a need for a friend growing up because I had one living with me, a strong smart girl with whom I always had a mischievous plot going on. And now, with both of us having grown up, my sister still is one of my best friends, and still is as beautiful, strong and smart as the little girl I met while growing up.

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