Vineyard Oasis

Wednesday, July 27, 2016

As You probably know (and if you don't here it goes) I'm from Baja California, Mexico. I really love this place, and I miss it when when I'm far from it. I find myself always in a great mood when I am here, everyone feels nicer, the colors seem brighter, and the sounds (especially the ones from the beach) are tantalizing. 

My favorite place in the world however is the vineyard route in Ensenada called Valle de Guadalupe. It's a sort of oasis hidden in a desert, filled with great winery's, and great restaurants. Everything surrounded by endless rows of planted grapes waiting to become delicious wine. 

I'm going to miss everything again once go back to the city, but until then I'll take everything in as much as I can, and try to honour our slogan. 

Remember? We Film Memories.

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