Secret Paradise

Sunday, July 31, 2016

So here's a new post a bit later than usual, but it really is worth it. I made a Fashion Film in collaboration with my best friend's label Brainfilms. I convinced him to help me out with the notion of filming pretty girls in a glamorous manner, on our hometown of Rosarito B.C. I wanted to do it on the beach but I forgot that that's quite impossible to achieve on Sunday afternoon... In the middle of summer... Luckily for us the dock was free to roam around in on Sunday so I made the smart decision to film there instead, and yeah there was people there too but nothing we couldn't manage, so we started filming, enjoying and taking advantage of the amazingly beautiful day and beach, with a surrounding background of the beach, the ocean, and the hotel's skyline.

After we were done with the dock, we again happened upon a beautiful garden that was quite deserted, and there we caught the sunset and the changing lighting that ultimately ensured that youthful, fresh and tropical look we were thriving for.

The making of the Film was something extremely fun, with the ensuing shenanigans only the team up of Kevin (the cinematographer), Josh (Kevin's brother), Karen (a friend that is always with us), our beautiful stars (who were laughing as much as us) and I (who was simply happy to being able to have great day out with some of my closest friends ever).

Midnight City.

We Film Memories.

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