Saturday, July 23, 2016

So I'm home for vacations, and yes, I took a break from the whole posting because I was so thoughroully relaxed, that I was unable to post, but no worries I have been making photoshoots, and I'm going to film a new Fashion Film here in my town, so everyone can see why I love it so much. 

What's really cool about this particular shoot, and some of the others to come, is that my little sister is the one who took the pictures, and she really is quite talented. She studies design, so it's natural that she can also see the imaginary lines we filmmakers see at all times, but without the craziness. 

Now I always miss home because is where I grew up, my family is here, and whilst here I'm always very comfortable. It's hard to explain, there's a sense of peace that is not available anywhere else, a calmness that simply cannot be replicated. And somehow, there is always more inspiration, more ideas, more imagination.

I love being on my yard, I love how my mom is always so creative when she does and re-does the decoration, for it always soothes the season. 

In short home is where the heart belongs, and my heart will always belong here. 

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