Madness by the port.

Monday, August 08, 2016

I haven´t been doing the whole filmmaker thing a long time, but what I´ve learned on the years I have is that you always work better with people you trust, and get along with, that way you develop a great chemistry that really show on work. You see is like a relationship, you fill it with confidence if you want to get confidence in return, that way the relation lasts longer and is healthier. 

I´ve know Kevin, Josh, Karen and the rest of the Brainfilms crew since I was 12, and honestly they know, they`ve seen me grow up, they´ve seen me evolve, they´ve become who I am today, and they accept me, I love them for that.

Now for this fashion film we had little to no idea of how to do it, but they trusted me, and I knew that whatever we ended up making it would be brilliant, and if not, at least we would´ve had a brilliant joyride.

I already showed you the fashion film, but if you haven´t seen it, it is below the pictures. 

This pictures serve as both editorials and a making of, as I took them as I directed the film.

Do enjoy.

Fashion Film.

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