Un Hombre Bajo La Lluvia - Primer Trailer

Monday, June 06, 2016

When I was 16 I was in production class, and as I was dying out of boredom, then all of a sudden an idea came to my mind, and I started to write it down. What came out was a speech by a serial killer recalling his latest murder, it was dark and brooding, but it was also romantic (in the Victorian sense) and poetic. 

When I turned 18 and I moved here, and I started my first course on cinematography, I turned my speech into a script. Then I got into film school, and when we entered the second semester we were asked to present scripts so we could turned them into a short film, and so we did.
As we filmed I was rather surprised of how everything was going down, and relieved that I wasn't bad at what I was doing. 

So after a year here's the trailer for my first short film, it is a look at the dark side in people and how everyone has one, and how seductive it can be.


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