Friday, June 17, 2016

Last Saturday I went to this amazing event with my best friend Ruth. 

It is just great when fashion brings people together.  
This time, we had the opportunity to meet the talented Hermes artisans, 
every measure, every illustration, every cut and combination of colors, 
are just a few decisions these guys have to worry about. 
Their work, handmade, requires precision and ability to achieve the Hermes excellence. 
We could say that the artisans have a special gift to make beautiful art pieces, 
but this beauty, this art, almost magic, it's the result of hard effort and passion.  
My friend, as a designer, and me, as a filmmaker, 
realize that the creative process it's the key to every project, whether is a bag, a watch, a dress 
or any materialization of a design or idea, 
is that one moment of our creation in which we are responsible for how it's going to be and how will the world see it.

Fashion House.

Hermes a puertas abiertas.

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