Weekend Endeavors.

Thursday, May 26, 2016

Last Week, Fer (her) and I (Alex) went to the Modern Art Museum in Mexico City, to check out the Balenciaga exhibit. As we went through everything, the photos, the clothing pieces on display, the paintings (there are paintings by Diego Rivera and other on the exhibit as well), we found ourselves tantalised... it was beautiful and full of so much history of so much relevance to the fashion world and industry. 

All I can really do is recommended you check it out by yourselves, plus you can check out the whole museum, and all of its exhibitions, which are all brilliant along with a great garden full of great sculptures.

And if it's not this exhibit or if it's not this museum, go to another, or another, just go see art, go fill your soul with colours and shapes and forms, and sentiments that were only able to be expressed by art and sentiments that will only be able to be felt by art.

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