New digs

Monday, May 23, 2016

People assume fashion is all about looking pretty, all about dressing nice, all about the clothes fitting fine. But I think there´s more to it than just the glamour, I believe there´s an emotional part to it all, I believe that fashion has the power to remind us of some of the most important parts of our lives. Like the first time you saw the love of your life, or that time you and your friends became best friends, I bet there´s a jacket thats been part of every adventure you had, or maybe a pair of glasses that you´ve used to see all of your favorite movies. And not just that fashion can be and is a personal statement, one shouldn´t dress for anyone else but themselves, because what you choose to wear is a reflection of who you are, regardless of you actually noticing or giving any deep thought to your outfit. Think of it these way, fashion is the first and last word we say in a conversation.

Also I told you guys that my school was getting new digs, and they´re amazing we have great classrooms, and a lot of rooms that work brilliantly as studios, because they have brilliant lighting. So I decided that I wanted to pop the cherry of the school by being the first to film (and photograph) something there. And so thats what we did. So this is a part of our new school, and I had a friend (Omar Subillaga) to help me goof around. 

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