MBFWMx Final Part - Fashion Lab.

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

So this is it, the ending of our cover of the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Mexico A/S 16. It was brilliant as you can see, and the vibe was amazing, everyone was so excited about what was going on, and the response to the designers new proposals, were quite endearing. I am very proud of what my country is achieving on the fashion department and the how the public is reacting to it. We have one of the richest cultures in the world, and we are really taking advantage of it. And what is more thrilling, is the fact that the rest of the globe is noticing, and becoming interested in our fashion. 

Now as you can see (and as I told you before about the after party that occurred on the final venue of the MBFWMx) the place was filled with beautiful people, because many models that walked on past shows, were invited to attend as guest to the final day, and of course to final party. This was something that I found quite fun because the outfits for this occasion were more relaxed and at the same time quite trendy, because you want to be those things when you attend a party (Part of the reason my outfit was what it was), and everyone was in such a good mood the week had been a huge success, and some the staff really needed that final break, and the models, and even the celebrities, so everyone just cut loose, as you would at a party (part of the reason I took so many pictures). 

So I hoped you enjoyed our coverage of the MBFWMx, trust me it was a delight to share all of the fashion and excitement that went around in abundance during this event. I loved attending it and I loved talking to you guys about, and if luck has it, I gonna be talking about again next season. 

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