Black and White Jazz.

Saturday, April 30, 2016

I have often said that we portray fashion through cinema, and although every editorial is made with a cinematographic technique, we haven't posted many filmed works, besides our promotional video. 
So starting today, most of our editorials will be preceded by a fashion film, showing how was it made, and some of my awkward dancing (for which I'm sorry, I'll try to learn better dance moves). 

This video showcases, how our team works we try to be relaxed most of the time, and for things to flow naturally, so the editorials don't seem so stiff. I want for every picture so appear like the still for a movie, that's why I write personal thoughts and stories, so you feel like you're looking at scenes from a movie that you'll love to see. We like to film memories, we project our emotions onto every picture, and every film. 

Movies have the power to trap a fragment of time forever, and I believe fashion can do the same, that many pieces that we own have a personal and emotional value, they become part of who we are,  they complement our persona, because they have lived with us moments we'd like to trap in time.

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