Malafacha - Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week México O/I 16

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

I was really excited about attending this show. These two designers have really out of the box ideas, and they're quite creative at presenting them as well, so the show becomes more of a performance, giving the clothes a little more dramatism, with the whole presentation becoming a spectacle that set this particular runway into something more.

Everything started with a live band playing in the middle of the hall, with an amazing blue lighting. After the first song ended the first model made its walk around the place, but instead of leaving as it is common, she took her place in the hall and this happened until all of the models had ended their respective walk. Now when this happened, they split into two groups and started in a type of stroll around the whole place, (note that the band kept playing during the entire thing) at moments revealing the makeup design the wore, which was a sort martyr thing, ending with both groups walking towards the exit in a sort of zombified manner, which was really cool to be honest. 

All of this proving that fashion shows can be, and are more that just showing off pretty clothes. And all of fashion really, it is entire art movement that is taking over the world, just because it honestly can.

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