From Gentleman Thief To Rebel - MBFWMx O/I 16

Saturday, April 23, 2016

As you might imagine, choosing an outfit for fashion week it´s quite difficult, not because you need to pick the prettiest garments you have, but because you need to be practical, I usually go with the rule of ''less is more'', because it makes you appreciate every piece a bit more than when you are dressed with layer upon layer of clothing, where something can get lost to the naked eye.

I have a particular personal style, that pretty much sums up my personality, I find that being able to project this onto the things I wear is a brilliant way to introduce myself without having to say anything, being able to say who I am because of the jacket I wearing paired together with my smile (I love my smile, I don't know if it's attractive, but I like how you can say everything with the proper smile), now as I've told you before I developed a writing and directing style, I developed my personal style and personality, taking into account the man I want to be which is combination of a 60´s English rocker and a gentleman thief... I know it is a strange persona, but I think I like being a little strange.

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