MBFWMx Parte 2

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

This is the second part of the looks I saw on the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Mexico. As it all progressed I discovered that national celebrities attended in large kind of events. All of them very friendly and whiling (to take as many pictures as they did), greeting everyone as you would any other acquaintance.

I love showing off street style, I find it the most practical way to comunicate fashion, you can observe it and come up with ideas that can influence your personal style. In filmaking one of the first advices I heard was that when you want to create a story, to make it easier you should base it off three other ones. I find this quite helpful in almost everything that riquires creativity, at least until you find your style, (as I did my writing and directing style in filmaking, and personal style in fashion) or when you're just stuck and do not know what to wear, or just because you can pull that off. It is always good to try something new, never fall into a confort zone, and have fun with fashion.

So here are some more looks from the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week México.

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