Mad Sounds

Wednesday, May 04, 2016

There are crazy things happening all around us all of the time, mad sounds, mental pictures, demented people, insane films, all of which keep us on our toes, always making us think harder, and feel more. So because of this, I have always seen myself as a highly emotional person, always trying to connect with something, always trying to find a higher deeper meaning to things that are honestly quite shallow. And at the same time basically nothing affects me, I rarely feel preoccupied, I am rarely stressed, I am rarely sad, I just am. I have a highly developed ability to empathize and because of this I have a highly developed ability to remain indifferent. 

So in this editorial, I show off my personality, the combination of rocker and gentleman thief I´m always so intent on displaying on every shoot. I am loose I move around, I dance senseless, I feel the music that is only in my head, I feel everything and I feel nothing at the same time, I smile because I can, and I jump for no reason other than my personal satisfaction. (I´m writing this while I listen to Give it All from The Foals).

Senses, Emotions And sentiments, all flowing like a rush of electricity, shocking you at every turn, when everything feels right and when it doesn't. You laugh, you cry, you scream, you relax, you dance, you punch walls (I punch walls), you step back into the three ring circus and try not to loose your mind, then you laugh a little more, because, if we don´t... what's the point of it all?

I had so much fun doing this, and now a week after, I have come to the realization that this was the last project we did at our school, not school in general, just the building, the school is moving to some other installations, and this was the last time we filmed on the place we´ve been calling school for the last 2 years. 

Honestly, I have no idea of how to feel about the whole thing, I think I´m more excited than anything to see the new place and hopeful that there will be a cafeteria with a decent cup of coffee.

So once again... without noticing, we film memories and trap them in time forever.

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