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Wednesday, March 30, 2016

The last time I went to my hometown, I started looking for a book that I had lost somewhere in my house (for like 5 years), a book I read in my freshmen year of high school, which told the experiences of a 17-year-old student of a high class in the 60's in Mexico City (where I live now). This book is brilliant and is quite similar to the writing style of my favorite writers, which are F. Scott Fitzgerald, and Oscar Wilde, using lots of sarcastic and cynical remarks reminiscent of The Catcher in the Rye, I love the book, it spoke to me, and inspired a speech I wrote, which I will show you in a second, and this simple photoshoot, of what a simple Sunday looks like for me, (books, tea and writing basically).

"We are the young, the reckless, the crazy ones, and also, the ones who care the most, the ones that get hurt the most. We are the dark side of the world, and also, its hope for the future. We are the weighting scale people use to see how fucked up things are, to see if humanity is on the right path. We are being used to fight intellectual battles that are not our own, and it’s only half way through when we realize nobody can win a fight no one understands. 
Yes, we are a mess, we are emotional, we’re all kinds of screwed up, but we’re also joyful, fierce, and brilliant. 
we’re holding on to the world, cause most of you already gave up on it, but we just got here, and I don’t think we can even begin to start losing our grip on it."

Alex Lara.

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