A Dessert In The Forest

Saturday, March 26, 2016

My uncle is quite fond of motocross so from time to time accompany him to train on his bike. Is fun really it's a really intense sport that demands a lot of you. When I go with him, I am usually the one that takes pictures of him, but, this time, I saw the track and observed it in a different way. These tracks are usually in the middle of nowhere and often surrounded by trees, which is funny cause the places have the feel of a dessert, colliding with the fact that they're actually in the middle of forests. So here, I saw something beautiful and different, the colors were all so vivid and contrasted on each other, the blue of the sky and brown almost orange of the earth it was just brilliant. 

So naturally when I go with my uncle I have to take in mind the chaotic weather, which is composed of hard boiling sun, with a rather cold wind. So dress accordingly, mixing denim Levis pants, a white and black printed Armani T-shirt, a sky blue Old Navy shirt, and my always trusty white Converse sneakers, for a fun different and exciting weekend.

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