Brand New Day

Tuesday, December 31, 2019

As the sky turns a few shades darker, and the wind a few degrees colder, people start to slowly stop thinking of the past, and they start of the future that lies so close ahead. Reminiscing for what has been, turns into longing for what will be. Nostalgia for what cannot be changed becomes hope for what will.

It is quite strange how a new day can stir so much emotion to so many people... in simple terms, it is just a day more than yesterday, an hour longer than the last, a second more than now. But whatever it may be, that new day will light something up in all of us that we can't really quite explain, not I think we should.

Most people make plans to have a real change upon that new day, they give themselves new goals and they decide how much of a new person the would like to become. What they don't realize is that... every day is a new day, every day they change a little and every day is an opportunity. People see this grand new day as a new chapter to reinvent themselves, but I think they get it wrong... it is a whole new book filled with as many chapters as they would care to write. It is not just one new chance to change, it's an endless plethora of them; to change, to improve, to be different, to be better, to be whoever and however you want to be.

This new dawn will not be just that, it will be hundreds of new sunrises, all of them as equally beautiful as the last. When New Year's comes, remember that a new number, a new day, a new second, it's all meaningless, they're just there to make some sense of time. The ones that give real meaning to all those numbers are us... when we share a laugh, when we kiss someone we love, when we give a smile, when we write a sentiment and even when we cry. All we do, feel and experience is what gives meaning to all the silly little numbers in "time". That's why New Year's is special, because, the whole world pours every single emotion they have into making this brand new day something special and it is up to us to keep doing so... just to make everyday matter.

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