Maybe there’s something lost on the horizon

Tuesday, July 09, 2019

The wind was unbelievably piercing, the cold of the space around us felt more akin to a burning sensation, than that of being frozen. 
The air was thin because of the height, and it was hard to breathe at times. 
Also I was to bloody tired of walking so much. 

but maybe...

Maybe there’s something lost on the horizon, 
maybe it is just out of reach, 
maybe the distance between us is to much,
maybe the dawn will dazzle us and leave us blind…
maybe the thing up ahead is worth it, 
maybe it is hope for a better tomorrow
maybe there’s relief that will calm our sorrow,
maybe the road to get there is rough
maybe the change that’ll bring be worth it,
maybe the path will be long,
maybe the sun will make it tough
maybe the night will make us cold
maybe the rain will make us slow.
But, maybe the thing lost on the horizon is no longer so far,
maybe if we hold on a bit more it’ll be just within our grasp,
maybe the thing we need the most is just up ahead, 
maybe the closure, peace and courage we need is on its way,
maybe we just have to be strong for one additional step…
and wouldn’t you know it, you’re there. 

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