Friday, March 15, 2019

Events in one's lives never feel expected, or more correctly we rarely feel prepared for them.. The aleatory nature of life is always hitting us with new things we couldn't have planned for. 

As you know or may not know, in the past few months I completed filming for my first feature film, an experience that qualifies as one of the best in my life. More so because it was one that I shared with my best friends, making it feel as something we made together.

Now two of this guys have been my friends for over 10 years — god, that makes me feel old — and we've gone through some really crazy stuff, but on this particular occasion, we went camping, to a massive place that it felt like it belonged to only us. It was the sort of disconnect I needed after such eventful months of madness. And although some raccoons stole our food, our little trip was rather brilliant. The following morning we made makeshift stoves with cans and heated some instant Ramen, coffee and headed up some mountains, while constantly ribbing each other on random innuendos. 

As we reached the top and got welcomed by a strikingly beautiful view, I was reminded of my youth, reminded of the feeling of exploration and discovery, reminded of wonderlust, and reminded that it is this moments and the people close to me that make the chaos of life worth its trouble.

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