Kenzo + Avon

Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Well, I've got a bit of a story to tell you.

First of all about a week ago Emanuel (my photographer) and I went to an event for the launch of a new fragrance by Kenzo in partnership with Avon, and the event was quite delightful, we got to film some great footage for the documentary series we are making with Zaira Mirano from Style Report, as well as some picture for this blog.

So at first I thought we were late so I slightly panicked, but when we got there the event still took half to start so we were ok. Then we took picture, I drank some wine, and filmed for a bit. 
After that, the event started in form and Kenzo appeared to present fragrance (which comes for Her and Him) and the event turned into a bit of a lounge on which we proceeded to drink.

We did not know anyone there so it was a relief and a fortune for us to befriend the guy who actually designed the smell of the fragrance, he even introduced us to his group of friends and we went to an after party at some club on Polanco. 

all in all, it was a fun night on which everything turned out better than we expected while using throughout the night my usual motto of "Whatever Happens, Happens".

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