Saturday, January 21, 2017

As younglings, we're always in search of inspiration, (some of us at least), and many of us look backwards to find ideas, to make sure we haven't missed something good. But maybe it is more than tat, we look backwards to the past, to see if someone has ever felt like us, if our soulmate already lived, if our favourite song has already been forgotten, or if the book that'll change our life has already been written. And right there, is when we realize that it's too much for what we were late to... it's actually easier than you may think to feel melancholy for an age of which we weren't a part of, and when you are young, this appears to be one of our great pleasures, the not being able to be  a part of a legendary concert or that meeting favourite celebrity simply cannot be because it already died. 

And that's ok, people say to never meet our heroes, and maybe that's because heroes are supposed to be from the past so we in a way can become the heroes of the future.

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