Live Fast

Tuesday, October 04, 2016

Since a very young age, I've had a fascination for James Dean, the great rebel icon that defined a generation, that defined an age, that defined a century, that defined a lifetime. I believe him to be my one of my biggest role models (and personal and artistic influences) if not the biggest. Why? well, he had this personality, this carelessness, this sense of freedom that made him like the wind, he just swayed around the world with this beautiful way of seeing the world, with a mantra very similar to my "Whatever happens, happens". 

Now, he is the embodiment of the phrase "Live fast, die young, I'm sure you'll make a pretty corpse", because that's what he did, he lived as much as he could, without even trying to do so, he just did what he liked, he listened to music, he drank, he fooled around, he danced, he acted, he drove fast cars, he just was himself, and that made him great. 

I know how he died, that actually makes me relate to him even more for personal reasons, and it reminds me of something I wrote when I was a bit younger (about 5 years):

"As younglings, we’re always in search of inspiration, (some of us at least), and many of us look backwards so find ideas, to make sure we haven’t missed something good. But maybe it is more than that, we look backwards to the past, to see if someone has ever felt like us, if out soulmate already lived, if our favourite song has already been forgotten, or if the book that’ll change our life has already been written. And right there, is when we realise that it’s too much for which we were late to. It’s actually easier than you may think to feel melancholy for an age of which we weren’t a part of, and when you are young, this appears to be one of our great pleasures, the not being able to be part of a legendary concert, or that meeting your favourite celebrity simply cannot be because it already died."

A bit melodramatic I guess, but I was young, and emotional, and hormonal, and sentimental... you know a teenager. 

But yeah, that's basically why I like James Dean as much as I do.

So I hope you enjoy the shoot.

Remember, we film memories.

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