Tuesday, September 27, 2016

There's a thing I usually do when it comes to my wardrobe choices, that I started doing for the sake of convenience and honestly pure laziness, and that is wearing an outfit I can turn into a second or even a third outfit just by interchanging the order of some of the pieces. 

In this particular case, my main look was a patterned dark blue shirt by Armani, a black tie by H&M, a black cardigan by Zara Men, a cream colored Jacket by Armani also, Levis black jeans, black shoes from Giorgio Bruttini and my usual Emporio Armani prescription glasses (because I'm blind).

The first thing I changed to arrive at my second look was taking off the cream jacket, opening the cardigan and untucking the shirt to have more flexibility and a little of a rebel vibe.

The third look is achived by removing the cardigan and putting the cream jacket back on, for more of a sport feeling, while keeping the stylish feeling the shirt and jacket provide.

Keep in mind that being able to turn your outfit onto 3 different things doesn't mean you should do it. The idea's for when you have several activities in a day, and you wanna right for each of them withour having to go back home to change for each one, (you see, it's main purpose is laziness).

Look 1

Look 2

Look 3

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