MBFWMx Parte 1

Saturday, April 16, 2016

Well... that was one crazy week. 

There are times in life when everything just falls into place. When the week began I wasn't sure if we would attend Fashion Week, and I was quite stressed for the missed opportunity that would represent, and all of the planning that was going to get wasted. Then everything just happened, we were there, we got the first row in everything, and spoke with everyone. 

My mother has a certain mantra with which she raised my sister and me. She says that "Everything you want, you get, but at its proper time". But obviously not everything, it works when you honestly want something, something you crave on a spiritual level, something that you work hard for, and something that means more than just a simple whim. And it comes, when you are ready for it, not before, because otherwise you wouldn't appreciate everything that had to transpire for to happened that way.

Fashion Week is the most exciting event we have covered on this blog,  as you've seen in latter posts we are suckers for the street style we see around here, and of course, we got you covered with the best outfits we saw, and as per usual there were celebrities galore.
But because there were so many, I'm going to divide all of it into several posts, I'm going to make a short film about fashion week so you can feel the experience, and a special post about our outfits, so we have lots of brilliant content coming your way, as well as our short film with Simple By Trista. 

So welcome to the Fashion Week Experience.

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