Gentleman Spy.

Saturday, April 09, 2016

I remember, when I was a kid (5 years old to be exactly) I was watching a movie with my dad. He always showed me action flicks like Die Hard, Terminator, First Blood, the classic ones. But this time, it was something different, it was about a man in a suit running around from heavy fire with a pretty girl under his arm, with lasers hidden on his watch, a cool villain with a crazy evil scheme, and he had the best name to go with it all. This movie was GoldenEye. I mention this because of what I said to my dad afterwards, I told him that I wanted to be a secret agent like James Bond, he smiled and simply said that it was just a movie, that gentleman spy's weren't real... I stayed there thinking and I decisively replied: "well, then I wanna make movies".

It's funny how I did find my way into the thing I wanted since I was five. Slowly becoming a Filmmaker (while still secretly wanting to be a spy).

The pictures of this post, were taken by Omar Subillaga.

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