Three poems and a drink

Monday, November 08, 2021


In the nights he wonders...

Looking at his reflection he ponders.

What would happen if one day the person in front of me, weren’t in fact me.

But an unknown, whose face is unfamiliar, alien, and strange.

Does he imagine he would be scared?

Or rather intrigued?

Our reflection is bound to us, to the light we reflect and how it reflects back to us.

A mimic that lives as we do, does as we do, and is who we are.

The reflection is bound to our identity, so what if one day, we woke up with another?

What would he do, if saw us, and discovered someone else?

What would you do?

After his subtle burn travels through my throat, I am enchanted by the flavour it carries. There’s a subtle sweetness that undertones the light bitterness. I just adore how well-balanced this is.

I stop and breathe for a bit.

I then take a small sip of my drink and proceed to give her one more kiss.

Do I appear as myself to you?

Am I truly there?... as you see me that is.

Who could tell really? That it is me, the real me who you usually see.

I couldn’t tell. Isn’t that strange?

The futility of what we perceive.

And strangest still, is the fact that it really doesn’t matter.

You see what you see regardless of who I seem to be.

Or more importantly who I really am.

We could spend our whole lives together, knowing only who we might be.


Do I appear as myself to you?

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