Wednesday, February 03, 2021

I can feel the meaning of things rapidly changing,
the shapes are now becoming,
becoming new,
turning grand.
The ides are becoming more significant every time they come around,
Can you tell?
The objects that turn new when you touch.
The things from far away that in an instant get close,
are they what you asked for?
was I who asked for them?
I don’t know, 
perhaps I forgot.
I might’ve been looking for answers,
And then again I really didn’t want them.
All of a sudden I can feel everything, 
the essence of, 
the everything of,
I can feel it overtaking me,
should I let it?
I just want to listen to the songs,
but their meanings are also changing.
And the thing I thought was a desert is, in fact, a beach,
And the forest I thought barren, was full of life within.
It feels different, 
the trumpets sing about it,
they say more than I can.
I should play my instrument too,

the one I am meant to speak into.

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