Monday, December 14, 2020

And when you think of tomorrow, how far do you peek?
Are you dreading the new sorrow, for it will make you weak?
I think you're being too thorough, without knowing what to seek.
Better not waste the time you borrow, every night you go to sleep.
I do think of tomorrow, perhaps a bit more than I should.
I sometimes escape into the unknown, and thread for just a little too long. I see the person I am not, the one I could be, or won't. I see into that immense fog, that drenches me with panic and hope.

I allow myself to dream, to wonder, to hold. Hold on to the precious idea of tomorrow, and how great it will be.

Sway with the thoughts of happiness and love, dance with the melancholy of what was and is no more.

Run, run, run and don't stop, it is not fear the thing you're escaping from, you can run towards something too. Running can be more than just going away. It can be freeing, relaxing and revealing.

Can you feel the harmony? let go a little, the feeling will come, then it will go away, and come back again.

Oscillate to the sensations the new days will bring forth, and when you think of tomorrow, think also of yesterday, of today, can you feel the harmony?

It's okay, there is only the afternoon to consider.

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