Random Thought #1

Wednesday, May 08, 2019

I used to have this strange notion that my 16 year old self was a better writer than I am. This came from the fact that many of the things that I wrote for my school assignments were continuations of things I had written in high school. In fact, the script for my first short film was largely based on a monologue I wrote when I was bored during a class when I was 16. Then I started rediscovering some of my writings from that time, and they were brilliant, I was so impressed by them that I couldn't believe they were my writing for I thought I was unable to write in such way anymore. 
I found that so strange, what made me so different? then I curiously remembered a little note I've had by my desk for the last few years that says, “I don't remember a time in my youth, when I haven't been suffering for a girl”. And I started laughing – As one does – because it was mostly true, I do that even with girls I've never met. 
I romanticize girls to almost unreal standards... but is that really that bad when I actually believe them to be as such?

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