Tuesday, April 24, 2018

While my love for her is not superficial, I can not help but be lost in her beauty, the sweetness of her face and features are so subtle, her lips seem tender and warm mainly when they smile and her face lights up, her brown eyes make the way she looks at me addictive, it makes me want to get drunk on that stare.

I've been walking around town, all the while thinking of ways to make her smile, knowing very well that a smile from her means not affection for me but just happiness for the moment, for the action, for the gesture. 

As I strolled through town thinking if all the fashionable amenities that comprised it, especially this week, then it basically takes over the city, I thought of the importance of art, the value of culture and the simplicity of beauty. 

In a time in my life where my emotions overwhelm me, I reach to my senses for an exit and feel how I'm suddenly filled with the radiance of creativity and the grandness of imagination.

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