Thursday, February 08, 2018

This week, ZSONA MACO returns for its 2018 edition, that showcases the vast and varied collection of art galleries that are distributed all around Mexico City, and other states as well, while also remaining open to foreign artists.

Now for starters Banamex Centre is massive, and one would think that because of that the place might feel a bit empty, but the reality is a completely different one. The place is absolutely filled to the brim with amazing and oh so gorgeous pieces of art.

There are so many brilliant artists that lend us their imagination and talent for our enjoyment and appreciation, that when you walk out of the vast exhibit you end up a tad overwhelmed because of how much of all those emotions and concepts of high-end art you just consumed.

The place also showcases so many art techniques, that start from sculptures made of every material imaginable, paintings performed with a myriad of colours and methods, and many others that meld together several disciplines to create something completely new and grand.

Art for so long has been to me the most enjoyable thing in life, it's in a way the best thing we humans do, mostly because we're the only ones who do it. 

So everyone please do yourselves a favour and attend ZSONA MACO this week, it is truly worth it. 


On this edition, I had the joyful surprise of finding a booth showcasing the creativity that goes into creating a Swatch watch. Besides the live painting of a mega watch of theirs. Swatch presented the new Spring-Summer collection that draws inspiration from the English culture to create a beautiful contrast of colour and the Brittish weather – which is always a bit cold even in summer, wherein lies the brilliance of the collection – Which in turn gives you yet another reason to attend ZSONA MACO and when you're there why not get a watch or two? 

I've been a faithful client of Swatch since I was in grade school, but they just gave a new reason – not that I needed one – to become the owner of a new watch of theirs.

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