Sunset Trail

Saturday, January 06, 2018

There are trails in everything we do,
trails of the things we are,
trails of the people we meet,
trails of the dreams we follow – 
and trails of the ones we don't.
We leave trails of love,
we leave trails of hate, 
trails of pride 
and of regret.
Also, there are trails ahead of us,
trails of goal we wish to fulfill,
trails of mistakes we are afraid to make,
trails of fears we don't want to face.
There are beautiful trails, 
there are grotesque ones as well,
trails that remind us of joy
and trails of the pain we felt.
Trails that show how much we've changed,
trails that display our mistakes,
and trails that thought us how to excel.

Trails of the people we left behind,
trails of the people we long to find,
trails of the ones that disappeared for our lives,
and trails of the ones that might arrive.

There are trails of the darkness that may lay ahead, 
and of the nightmares that frequent our head.

But there's also trails of the light we'll entice
and trails of the sunsets that'll rise.

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