Autumn blues'

Monday, November 27, 2017

The cold weather is finally arriving in a sort of wave that slowly fills you with a chill that seems to be caressing you like a tender yet cool touch. 

I am quite fond of this weather, and how it feels to be enveloped by it, because in a way it is a most elegant weather, one that inevitably forces you to see the world in a more aesthetic manner. Everything appears so clean and organized, it all seems structured and sanitized.

But on another hand, this weather is also melancholic, and nostalgic, it is the last stretch of the year, and it is when we most reminisce about what has occurred, yet acknowledging that there's still a little time left to go for the year to actually be over. If the year were a story, this would be the part when the hero gets ready for the final battle, but not being the climax itself. 

The weather changing for a dramatically different one, and while the last moments of Autumn turn into what it seems to be a  pleasing blue, it sets the stage for a weather that it's more decisively black and white.

Because as we all know by now, Winter Is Coming.

But while that happens we have some Autumn blues' to prepare us.

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