MIDNIGHT CITY X MILES & LOUIE | A Little Contrast Doesn't Hurt

Monday, August 07, 2017

This summer, for my vacation, I went back home as I usually do and stayed there for a month. 

During that stay I had the luck to be able to go out a lot and I mean a lot, Tijuana just had a lot to offer, every day I went out and I would find something new, something surprising, something exciting. And the people, oh, they were equally amazing, they have a sort of warmth to the way in which they act. I just loved it there.

One of the most amazing things I did during my stay, was having the brilliant opportunity to do a collaboration with the beautiful brand of "Miles & Louie". As I told you before people in my town are amazing, kind and talented and they are no exception, as you can see from their work in the following pictures, every single one of their pieces is handcrafted individually, each one is different to the next even if it's the same model, but all of them are equally perfect.

In our collaboration, I asked the help of some friends that I believe project the kind of idea that Miles & Louie represent,  that of the young, the independent, the entrepreneurs, the brilliant, the cultural, the artistic, the ones who dream, the ones who follow their dreams, the ones from my generation, the ones that make my town fantastic and provide it with warmth.

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