Writers Block

Saturday, May 13, 2017

What to write when your mind is empty?
Not creatively but inspirationally, what is there to do then?
I've tried long and hard to find something to write about, but I am seriously lacking inspiration, I have so much to say but I have nothing to say it about, is as if there was nothing for which I felt passionately about.

The last thing I wrote, was in a way commissioned to me by the girl with whom I am in love. She dared me to write for her a story based on a song by her favourite band, and so I did, and the result was a beautiful yet tragic tale. 

In the writing of that story, I found that what I need is a muse, a muse like her, that dares me to be better, to imagine, to create new worlds, and maybe deep inside myself, that's all I want to do, to only create new worlds for her.

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