Unexpected outing

Monday, May 22, 2017


To be quite honest I had no intention of making a new post so soon after the last one, 
I hadn't even thought of of the clothes I wanted to use, or the place in which I wanted to shoot. This post was in a way a welcome surprise and a breath of fresh air, because of the circumstances that surrounded it. In a way, I was just out with my friends goofing around with a camera.

Everything has been a bit stressful lately (bordering on chaotic) and everyone has been a bit let down by certain things going on at school, so going out to my favorite coffee shop with my closest friends, to just talk about nonsense, and take pictures while joking around was one of the nicest thing I´ve experienced in a while (take into account I was just at Fashion Week).

It´s easy to dismiss things like this as common, but I believe that things like this as simple as they may be are the ones that take the heavy loads off our shoulders and make us realize that things are not as grim as they often seen, and that all we need is an Unexpected Outing, to a coffee shop with your friends, while you improvise a photo shoot on the street. 

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