Café rendezvous

Saturday, March 18, 2017

Once a little before I moved here, I went to a coffee shop, I went there a lot, but that day it felt like I hadn't been there for a very long time. I guess that knowing that I was leaving made me appreciate more the simple things I did there... In that coffee shop (mostly that one) I wrote most of the things I had on my notebooks. In some way, it felt comfortable to be there. I sometimes (many times ) went there after school, I would order a small coffee, sat down somewhere I could see the entire place, and I would pretend to be on my phone when what I was really doing was just looking... Looking at the people there and that calmed me, it made me feel as if my world only existed inside of my little table and I pretended time was nonexistent. Sometimes I would imagine myself being somewhere else, in Paris, London, New York. I would imagine myself being famous and successful, just hiding out from the world and taking some time off for myself. From that café, I was able to teleport anywhere in the world. If a song I loved was playing I imagined I was in another exciting café, someplace wonderful, with a live band performing the song on a modest stage. 

I was in love that café and the power I gave to it. 

But at that moment I was concerned about where I would go after I left... What place was I going to visit in my new home? For the moment it did not matter too much, cause in my head I was in Paris listening to Cole Porter sing by the piano.

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