Saturday, March 12, 2016

A while ago, I posted for the first time on this blog, a post about being a rebel. That shoot, and the short video, was initially meant to be for a contest to win a scholarship for a course on fashion business online, (thing that would prove rather useful given that I have a fashion blog) Contest that I lost. But as fate would have it, I ended up winning the scholarship in another way, by writing a simple opinion a thought, I just wrote how I feel about fashion, and maybe they shared my opinion, or I was just lucky either way, I'm here, and so excited.

Now, we a special shoot, for this occasion, showing you a fashionable yet comfortable look at the business hustle. wearing a black H&M Blazer, Old Navy Trousers, Tommy Hilfiger Shoes, and an Armani Exchange sweater, accompanied by a Carolina Herrera suitcase. All in stylish black and white.

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