How to turn an ending into an experience.

Wednesday, March 02, 2016

There are the kinds of endings that leave us empty, a person leaving or dying unexpectedly, or maybe something that feels unfulfilled. And there are the kinds of endings that while they left us a bit sad or melancholic, they leave us with a feeling of completion… that while something is over it doesn’t mean it's gone, it just means that its purpose has been accomplished, that it is no longer needed.

An ending is always sad, and sometimes it takes us a while to accept them. The problem by which we cannot do this, is that we don’t understand why this happens. I really can’t tell you why everything ends or the reason for it happening, but everything eventually does, and is up to each of us to read, and reread and reread the context, and look back no matter how hard or painful it may be to understand why it is ending. I can’t tell you this is easy, because it is really hard more often than not, but when you finally get it, you’ll be able to think back on that and repeat the whole thing in your head, from beginning to end and get it, while it may be sad sometimes, it won’t be painful… it will become an experience, one that you already lived through, and one you must let go.

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