We are the generation of change.

Saturday, February 06, 2016

There’s always a movement that defines a generation, and there’s always a name and a purpose that comes with that name. Our generation, has had several that doesn’t quite fit, the X generation, the millennials, senseless generation, but honestly I think we are much more important that anyone would think because nobody has realised, that we are not senseless, that we are the generation that is evolving, we are the generation that is noticing, we are the generation that is changing, changing the way we look at race, sexuality, society, love, we are changing the world. And we should be immensely proud of the time in which we came to be alive, cause even with the bad things that happen around the world, we change something for the better, and it shouldn’t stop with us, it should transcend generations, but remember that it began with us. 

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